Health and hygiene
Guideline to Play safe in the times of Covid - 19
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The day has arrived for which we have been waiting for months, although it feels like Years.

But wait…

Before we get all geared up and Strat prepping to go to court again, we need To remember the war against Covid - 19 is not done yet hence we have to adhere to some basic rules / guidelines.


If you’ve already received the vaccine then great job! But if you haven’t kindly do get vaccinated to protect yourself and your closed ones against the spread of the deadly disease. Stay safe and help others stay safe by getting vaccinated.

Get Vaccinated
We are following a few protocols before opening:
We have released a set of guidelines for our partner venues to follow.
1. The venues will be sanitised.
2. Please look out for the badge on the venues choose venues following safety guidelines.
3. Rental equipment will be sanitised after use (however we encourage you to bring your own equipment)
4. Only people with valid bookings allowed into the venues thus restricting large gathering.
Safety Badge
Safest area

We have rolled out safety badges for facilities that comply with Covid appropriate protocols. The badges will be given to facilities that follow best covid-19 protocols and have features like proper sanitation of fields & sports utilities, temperature checking devices with both staff, players wearing masks.

What we except from you:
1. Kindly wear masks and sanitize your hands before entering the facility.
2. Do carry your own individual water bottle, towels & other supplies and refrain from sharing.
3. Maintain social distancing. Kindly refrain from shaking hands, hugging or other physical contact.
4. Kindly arrive and leave the facility on allotted time to avoid overcrowding.
5. Avoid touching your face and carry towels to wipe off sweat.
6. The slot time will be reduced to 50 mins to ensure the playing area can be sanitized before the next slot arrives.
Prevention of
COVID - 19
At Court
Wear Masks
Don’t forget to wear masks regularly in public spaces. Make sure to wear a mask properly that covers your mouth, nose and chin.
Wash your hands
Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
Temp Check
Monitor and record temperature of customers before entering.
Social Distancing
Maintain social distancing norms and keep at least 6 feet distance from others.
Bring your individual towels to wipe off sweat, don’t use hands. Refrain from sharing towels with others.